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CBM Presents: Robert Rose on Content Marketing

Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer, Content Marketing Institute, discusses the key takeaway from his session at MagNet 2016, MG2 The 2020 Content Marketing Imperative: New Roles and New Goals. Watch Robert explain why content marketing is a great way for magazines to get into the marketers’ heart.

MagNet: Canada’s Magazine Conference, took place June 7–9, 2016.

CBM Presents: Ryan Dohrn on Magazine Sales Strategies

Ryan Dohrn, CEO of Brain Swell Media, discusses the key takeaways from his sessions at MagNet 2016, AD2 Selling Backwards: 10 Tips for Superstar Ad Sales Success!, AD3 Digital Sales Strategies for Success and AD4 Selling and Executing Paid/Sponsored Content. Watch Ryan for his top tips for magazine sales reps.

MagNet: Canada’s Magazine Conference, June 7–9, 2016.

MagNet 2017 will take place April 25–28 at the Courtyard Toronto Downtown.

RGD: Brand Integrity/Stewardship

Part of a 3-part series co-presented by IABC/Toronto, Paddy Harrington RGD discusses how to ensure all of your communication vehicles support your organization’s messaging and branding.

Strong branding is a fundamental aspect of any business, and it is most effective when paired with effective planning and management of communications across all levels. Learn the importance of design in this process and how to take advantage of design services to improve your brand strategy. Learn how design can help shape a brand, the importance of internal as well as external brand design and how to design a brand to be flexible, dynamic and able to evolve.

When: Apr 14, 2016 | 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. ET

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RGD: The Success of Brand Communications

In this third part of a 3-part webinar series co-presented with IABC/Toronto, Glenda Rissman RGD and Peter Scott RGD share their experiences on how best to increase the success of brand communications projects.

Leveraging a well-crafted creative brief (Webinar series Part 1) and a sound understanding of your organization’s brand (Webinar series Part 2), you will learn how to take these key ingredients and finalize the process to ensure positive returns on your organization’s marketing spend. What are the steps you need to take to ensure you reach your audience (both internal and external) and meet the goals of your project? It begins with understanding who interacts with your brand, defining key objectives, keeping the project on track, and continually communicating and validating with the team. Learn how collaboration can educate, enlighten and ultimately drive the success of your communication initiative.

May 12, 2016 | 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. ET

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Webinars Available Online

How Publishers are Solving the Ad Blocker Problem

Click here to sign-up and watch this webinar. (It’s on-demand until June 7th, 2016).

Publishers already faced an uphill battle in growing digital advertising revenue when ad blockers saw a dramatic rise in popularity in 2015. And it’s a problem that’s not going away soon, with some predicting the economic cost of ad blocking to be as high as $42B in 2016. Smart publishers are making adjustments in revenue strategy, user experience, and audience development to minimize the impact of ad blocking.

Tune in to this webinar to learn:

  • How publishers are adjusting their digital revenue strategies to account for the rise of ad blocking
  • Why email is a powerful counter-strategy to ad blocking
  • How publishers are encouraging users to stop using ad blockers and improving user experience
  • The role native advertising, premium memberships, and site subscriptions can play in fighting ad blocking
  • Who’s overseeing ad blocking strategy – web, editorial, ad sales or all of the above?

Ad Webinar Series: Strategies and Tools for Overcoming Ad Blocking

Click here to watch this webinar.

Brian Kane, Founder and COO of Sourcepoint Technologies, shares expert advice and strategies to combat ad blocking and improve ad effectiveness. Learn more about how ad blocking will impact the magazine publishing business.

Presenter: Briane Kane, Founder and COO, Sourcepoint Technologies
Moderator: Sharon McAuley, Consultant

Walking Through AAM Magazine Reporting in 2016

Click here to watch this webinar.

Last week AAM Client Solution Manager Sandi Licking and I showed clients how to file via AAM’s online filing tools and walked clients through the latest changes to magazine reporting. If you were able to attend, thank you for your time. If you couldn’t make it or would like to watch the presentation again, a recording of the webinar is now available.

How The Economist & Breaking Media are Growing Native Ad Revenue

Click here to watch this webinar.

Native advertising may hold a lot of promise for publishers, but it’s only a source of sustainable revenue growth if your advertisers are achieving ROI. That means producing sponsored content that resonates with your audience, working collaboratively with clients, and driving engagement with native content. Tune in to this webinar to learn how leading publishers like The Economist and Breaking Media are boosting their native ad offerings.

Come to this session armed with your questions. You’ll be able to submit questions directly to our panelists for a live Q&A session during the hour.

(Can’t make it on December 8th?  No problem! Publishing Executive webinars are archived for 90 days after the live event. Click above to register and get access to this webinar, both live and on-demand.)

AAM-SRDS Programmatic Buying Webinar

Click here to watch this webinar.

Steve Guenther, VP of AAM digital auditing services, presents this webinar which focuses on how media buyers can avoid the pitfalls of programmatic buying. During the session, you will learn the questions that buyers can ask their vendors about ad fraud and invalid traffic and how they can set expectations for transparency in their programmatic transactions. Watch for a behind-the-scenes look into what happens in a real-time bidding environment and learn how TAG’s new industry guidelines – set to be released in 2016 − give buyers and sellers the opportunity for  more transparency in RTB.

B2B Social Media Strategies That Work

Click here to watch this webinar.

Social media has always been a challenge for B2B organizations, particularly when it comes to connecting it to actual revenue and ROI.

That’s why in our latest sector report—the first of its kind in the B2B market—we analyzed how 200 of the world’s largest B2B companies use social media across 10 industries… and defined strategies that can produce real value for your organization.

Watch this webinar where we’ll share our findings, including:

  • Best practices for engaging audiences on social
  • The role social plays in the consumer purchase cycle
  • Guidelines for how your brand can use social in line with industry benchmarks

How Magazines Are Creating Breakthrough Impact For Readers and Advertisers

Click here to watch this webinar.

Think print has lost its ability to generate real wonderment? Think again. Because if you do, then you haven’t seen the luxury magazine DuJour. Or the Connecticut based city & regional magazines from Moffly Media. And if you want to create special experiences for your readers, in spectacular, multidimensional ways that have long-lasting power, then we have some amazing stories to tell you, and show you. You can use specialty paper finishes, embossing, coatings and more—and combine them with great storytelling and extraordinary photography—to create unmatched adventures for readers and advertisers, all in the print medium and all using new technologies. Listen in as these publishers describe how they transformed their magazines from mere ink-on-paper products to rich interactive experiences—and how they leveraged the business opportunities that inevitably followed.

Innovation in Digital Design

Click here to watch this webinar.

What makes for exciting innovation for magazines? In today’s mobile-empowered world, the quick answer might be “a cool app!” But what happens when you take a hyper-mobile audience, a forward-thinking publisher, and the freedom to experiment in design?

Find out by attending this webinar to hear Erin Zilis, President and Publisher at HCP/Aboard Publishing discuss the process of doing something completely new with digital design.

Leveraging Reader Research to Build All Aspects of the B2B Franchise

Click here to watch this webinar.

Successful B2B publishers have long been known for being close to their readers. This proximity has never been more important. Today, well-applied reader research can be used to strengthen all aspects of the B2B publishing brand while building new revenue streams. Presented by Magazines Canada.

ABM Webinars

Click here to access a series of sessions presented at the latest ABM Annual Conference. We recommend the following videos: ‘What B2B Brands Want From You’ & ‘Passing the Torch – The Next Leaders of B2B’

ABM/Laredo Group Online Courses

Fundamentals of Interactive Advertising for B2B Media 

This course, designed specifically for B2B media, provides much more than just the Fundamentals. It will help you achieve the comprehensive knowledge needed for success in all aspects of interactive media delivery, measurement and creative. Whether you are new to the industry, or have a few years of experience but need to improve your industry awareness, practical knowledge and skills, this is an essential course. It provides an in-depth, current industry review of ad types, trends, standards and best practices, featuring how all of the digital media components work together, reviews essential building blocks, and ensures a complete perspective of digital media B2B opportunities. It provides a how-to approach to getting started and following best-practices so you gain the thorough understanding needed to enhance your career and benefit your clients. Course number: 103.

Click here for details.

Intermediate Digital Advertising Sales for B2B Media

This in-depth how-to course for B2B media sellers delivers the knowledge and sales skills training needed to better sell all digital options. Learn which media types and platforms work best for different client objectives and how to achieve client campaign goals by working with them in a consultative and digitally savvy way. It is designed for publishers, sales reps, VP Sales, national account directors, senior sales reps, e-business managers and directors, marketing managers and directors, business development managers and directors, print or broadcast sellers who are transitioning to digital sales, and others in B2B digital media who want to accelerate their sales and digital/integrated/cross-platform media revenues. Course number: 203.

Click here for details.


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