How to Create Award-Winning Work

The 62nd Annual Canadian Business Media Awards were presented on Thursday June 7, 2016 at the Grand Banking Hall at One King West in downtown Toronto.

The Canadian Business Media Association introduced a new element into the awards presentation this year, with winners sharing how they created their award-winning content. Upon accepting each award, winners were asked pointed questions to reveal to the industry how they created their winning work.

The answers reveal what’s involved in creating CBM Award-winning material, what made their pieces stand out, how they arrived at the final product and why they think experts in their field deemed their work exceptional.

We intend for this video to provide a deeper understanding of what’s involved in creating award-winning material, so that B2B publishers can leverage this awareness to get the most out of entering the CBM Awards.

Best Practices Guide

The Canadian Business Media Association is pleased to introduce the first volume of our Best Practices Guide. This guide acts as an extensive resource for how CBMA winners and nominees can best leverage their recognition of magazine excellence.


The guide provides detailed promotional strategies, insightful personal testimony and plenty of other useful resources to help award winners and nominees best leverage and optimize their CBMA recognition.

Download the full guide here [PDF]


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