Access Copyright

Access Copyright offers a variety of services designed to make it easy for publisher affiliates to be compensated and rewarded for the use of their works in schools, businesses, government and other organizations.

Affiliating with Access Copyright is free and offers many benefits for Canadian publishers.

What Can Access Copyright Do For You?

Royalty Payments to Affiliates: Access Copyright manages licensing, collection of licensing fees and distribution of royalties on your behalf.

Publisher Repertoire Payment: You will also be eligible to receive an annual Publisher Repertoire Payment. Each year, all eligible affiliates receive a share of the Publisher Repertoire Payment based on revenue totals reported to Access Copyright.

Advocate for Your Interests: Access Copyright makes sure the interests of our affiliates are heard by policy and decision makers on issues important to them, such as intellectual property.

Interested in joining Access Copyright? Fill out the Publisher Affiliation Agreement form to become affiliated and be eligible to receive payments.


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