Canadian Business Media is a nation-wide trade association that represents the business-to-business media industry in Canada.  The vision of CBM is a strong B2B media industry supported by a broad, membership-based association that facilitates the sustainability of the success of its members through initiatives in marketing & promotion, education, networking and recognition.


Initiatives include a variety of first-rate training sessions, networking events, Q&A forums, interviews, webinars and tutorials, including some member-only activities and resources. A discount is offered to members for most CBM activities and events.

In addition, CBM is proud to partner with its American counterpart, ABM, a division of SIIA, to offer its membership a complete suite of benefits, which include:

  • Access to all ABM events at the member rate, including annual conferences, regional training, webinars, and more;
  • Participation in all ABM committees and councils (one representative per committee/council);
  • Access to research reports and studies prepared by ABM;
  • Access to quarterly networking programs in the Toronto area hosted jointly by CBM and ABM.


All B2B Publishers are welcome to apply for the CBM membership, provided that they meet for following criteria:

The publishing company must:

-Be at least 51% Canadian owned

-Define itself as a magazine publisher

-Publish in B2B space with any print or online platform

In order to become members, applicants must be approved by the Board of Directors of CBM.

For more information about the membership, including the application process, please email us at


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