March Roundup of B2B Industry Events and Webinars

photo-1432888498266-38ffec3eaf0a.jpgThough we’re a week into March, the rest of the month still holds many exciting events and webinars for B2B publishers and professionals.

The Canadian Marketing Association presents The Content Marketing Workshop on March 24th. The workshop is targeted towards: mid-level marketing professionals; marketing managers and implementers; and writers, editors, and social media managers. B2B publishers will be pleased to know that the workshop covers the importance of building a publishing or editorial calendar to better facilitate one’s content marketing. Ernest Barbaric will host the workshop; some of his publication credentials include articles in Forbes, The Globe and Mail, and Canadian Business.

On March 29th, Marketing’s AdTech Canada conference will be happening at the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon in Toronto. Ad blocking has been a hot topic for B2B publishers: earlier this month, Magazines Canada hosted a webinar on Strategies and Tools for Overcoming Ad Blocking. AdTech takes the opposite approach, with their debate focused on “exploring what the world looks like if ad blocking, in some form or another, is here to stay.” The conference will offer sessions on how marketers should respond to the ad blocking debate, and a keynote on ad blocking and behavioural science.

photo-1434626881859-194d67b2b86f.jpgFor those unable to attend these Toronto-based events, there are also two great webinars in March. Co-presented by IABC/Toronto and the Association of Registered Graphic Designers is Creative Briefs. Are you doing it right? on March 10th. The webinar is targeted towards marking and communications professionals, and will be led by Wendy Millard. The 3-part series will continue with webinars on Brand Stewardship and The Success of Brand Communications in April and May. Copywriters can pair this webinar with SIPA’s webinar, The World’s Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets, on March 16th. Titled as “America’s top copywriter,” Bob Bly will help good copywriters become master copywriters.

There are also a few deadlines and events to keep in mind for the March awards season. The submissions deadline for the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors 2016 Awards has been extended from March 4th to March 18th at 4:30 PM, giving magazines an extra two weeks to prepare and submit entries. B2B magazines: there is a category for trade magazines, open to all circulation levels.

On March 22nd, winners of the 2016 Canadian Cover Awards will be announced at the Courtyard Toronto Downtown. Many of the 2015 winners are also National Magazine Award-winners, and the CBM is excited for the 2016 results to be revealed.

Lastly, throughout March CBM judges have been busy reading, selecting, and ranking entries submitted to the 2016 CBM Awards. Nominees will be announced on May 5th. Until then, follow us on Twitter, sign-up for our newsletter, and bookmark our calendar to keep track of all upcoming B2B happenings.


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