B2B Interview Series: Deborah Jaremko

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Trade Magazine of the Year (HM), 2014

Deborah Jaremko is the editor of Oilsands Review, a trade publication focused on providing balanced and constructive coverage of the Canadian oil sands sector. For the last two years, the publication has been recognized by the KRW Awards: in 2014, they received an Honourable Mention for the category of Trade Magazine of the Year; in 2013, the publication won gold for Best Cover.

Aside from Deborah’s work at Oilsands Review, she has also volunteered her time judging the CBM Awards. Here, Deborah highlights the many benefits one gains from judging, and provides some sound advice for both judges and submitters.


CBMA: How long have you been a judge for the KRW/CBM awards and why did you decide to volunteer as a judge? 

Deborah Jaremko: I have participated as a judge for the awards for the last three years. I volunteer to judge because it gives me an opportunity to engage with some of Canada’s highest quality editorial products, and then help the people who created these products receive recognition for their efforts.

CBMA: Award winners reap a number of benefits: winning publications attract new readers; writers gain credibility, etc. What are some of the benefits of judging the CBM awards?

Deborah Jaremko: I really enjoy judging the awards because it offers a great perspective on all the dynamic and varied business publications that are produced across Canada. These magazines are business-relevant, fun, and even sometimes moving.

CBMA: What professional expertise did you gain from the experience? 

Deborah Jaremko: Judging the awards has given me a view into some of the best B2B talent we have in Canada, and that inspires me to drive the quality of publications that I work on continuously forward.

CBMA: The process of judging CBM awards submissions exposes one to a broad range of B2B content. How has the judging process shaped your understanding of Canada’s B2B industry? 

Deborah Jaremko: I find it amazing how many different business verticals in Canada have really high quality B2B publications. It shows me that there are endless niches out there with really engaging business stories to tell and learn from.

2008 · JWP Magazine Grid

Best Cover (Gold), 2013

CBMA: Judging for the CBM awards offers an insider’s view, giving judges a thorough understanding of what makes an entry an award-winner. With that in mind, what advice would you pass along to those entering the CBM 2016 awards?

Deborah Jaremko: I would say to embrace your niche and enter the content that is the best for your specific audience, because that is what judges often look for.

CBMA: What advice would you pass along to CBM judges for the 2016 awards season?

Deborah Jaremko: Try to go in with a blank slate with each submission, and really focus on the unique personality of each publication.

Interested in submitting to the CBM Awards? Entries are now being accepted, up until February 16th. The Early-Bird rate will be in effect until February 8th. Information about the different categories can be found here, and submissions entered here.

Interested in judging the CBM Awards? Good news – the CBM is still on the lookout for new judges. If you (or a colleague) are up to the challenge of judging the best of Canada’s B2B publications, please email us at staff@krwawards.com, indicating which category you’re interested in judging.




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