B2B Interview Series: Marty Tully

Trust Never Sleeps

Best Resource/Infrastructure Article (Gold), 2014

Marty Tully is the publisher of Listed Magazine, the magazine for Canadian listed companies.

At last year’s 61st KRW Awards, Listed Magazine went home as a two-time gold winner, for Best Profile of a Company and Best Resource/Infrastructure Article.

This year’s awards program will take place on June 7 and the judging process is soon underway. The Canadian Business Media Association is always on the lookout for new judges, to ensure that the CBM juries may best represent the dynamism and diversity of Canadian B2B publishing.

We are currently still accepting applications for our judging panel. If you feel you, or someone you know, could lend valuable expertise to this year’s panel, please email us at staff@krwawards.com.

The benefits of becoming a judge are plentiful. Read this interview with Marty Tully to see what he gained from his judging experience.

CBMA: How long have you been a judge for the KRW/CBM awards and why did you decide to volunteer as a judge?

Marty Tully: Two years. The KRW’s are prestigious awards in our B2B community and Listed Magazine is very honoured when it wins a KRW Award. It is with the appreciation and care in the judging process that I do my part for other publishers.

CBMA: Award winners reap a number of benefits: attracting new readers; writers gain credibility, etc. What are some of the benefits of judging the CBM awards?

Marty Tully: By taking on the responsibility as a judge, you look at other publications with a more involved perspective and new appreciation. It is a learning experience.

CBMA: What professional expertise did you gain from the experience?

Marty Tully: Working with other judges from different backgrounds in the publishing business helped me gain an understanding of their perspectives. And I am sure in the back of my mind, when a publication is evaluated, I wonder how my publication measures up on similar criteria.

CBMA: The process of judging CBM awards submissions exposes one to a broad range of B2B content. How has the judging process shaped your understanding of Canada’s B2B industry?

Marty Tully: It reinforced my appreciation for the unique position B2B has in Canada. When you hear the generic comments that print is dying, I can see from the quality of B2B publications and the niche audiences that they serve, that B2B is doing very well.

CBMA: Judging for the CBM awards offers an insider’s view, giving judges a thorough understanding of what makes an entry an award-winner. With that in mind, what advice would you pass along to those entering the CBM 2016 awards?

How to Build a Pharma Giant

Best Profile of a Company (Gold), 2014

Marty Tully: Most of the judges have never seen or read the publications they are evaluating, so we can never have too much background about the publication; the more we understand the publication the more fairly we can judge.

CBMA: What advice would you pass along to CBM judges for the 2016 awards season?

Marty Tully: Be fair, objective and collaborative with the other judges on your team.



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