Access Copyright’s Membership Advisory Committee

Access Copyright’s Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) is an elected committee of affiliate representatives that advises the Board of Directors on matters of concern to affiliates. This new committee, created last April, is your channel to the Access Copyright Board of Directors.

Elected representatives for the MAC include:

  • Robin Sokoloski (Playwrights Guild of Canada)  [Chair]
  • April Britski (Canadian Artists Representation)
  • John Degen (The Writers’ Union of Canada)
  • Kate Edwards (Association of Canadian Publishers)
  • Kieran Leblanc (Book Publishers Association of Alberta)
  • Gerry McIntyre (Canadian Educational Resources Council)
  • Jonathan Meakin (Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia)
  • Jessica Mosher (Pearson Education Canada)

Bring your concerns to the attention of the MAC by emailing, which will deliver your message directly to committee chair Robin Sokoloski of the Playwrights Guild of Canada.  The next meeting of the MAC is December 16.

Not a member yet? Join Access Copyright!


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