CBM announces new services

Canadian Business Media (CBM)  expands services, aims at building a stronger B2B publishing community

Toronto, ON – Through its newly restructured membership-based association, CBM, formerly known as Canadian Business Press, is proud to introduce a wide range of services tailored to better serving the needs of B2B publishers in the country.

In order to boost and sustain a vibrant, supportive organization within the business-to-business publishing industry, CBM is launching an array of initiatives concerning marketing, promotion, communication, education, networking and recognition.

This will be achieved through a variety of first-rate training sessions, networking events, Q&A forums, interviews, webinars and tutorials, including some member-only activities and resources. CBM will also continue to produce the Kenneth R. Wilson Awards, a recognition program celebrating outstanding achievements in business-to-business magazine content.

CBM is proud to announce the launch of the B2Blog for B2B Publishers, as part of the resources aimed at building a stronger community. A regular, dynamic and multi-faceted channel of communication and messaging for the industry at large, this new tool will deliver relevant, timely, educational and compelling information about the B2B publishing industry.

“The role of CBMA is to foster excellence in the trade press though open dialogue and collaboration. It’s the place where as B2B publishing professionals we can meet, discuss and even defend our sector’s position on issues that confront us. Most important, it’s a place where company size doesn’t matter, but where the individuals that drive these companies meet as equals. Our role, simply put, is to make sure the role of the business media in Canada is guarded and protected through the right focus on what’s important for Canadian trade publishers.”

-John Kerr, CEO, Kerrwil Publications Limited

Joining John Kerr on the Board of Directors of CBM is Treasurer James O. Hall, President & COO, Keith Communications, Inc., and directors Alex Papanou, President, Annex Newcom LP, Michael Swan, President of Swan Erickson Publishing Inc., and Kevin Brown, President of MediaEdge Communications.



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